Fearless adventurers and young seekers of the unknown…welcome to the mesmerizing realm of “The Sands of Time”, where epic tales are woven from the threads of Mesopotamian mythology. Today, we embark on a journey to a world where history and fantasy intertwine, where ancient myths breathe new life, and where mysterious guardians come to life under the moon’s subtle radiance.

A civilisation long past, but never forgotten, the world of ancient Mesopotamia were filled with gods, goddesses, and living entities beyond our wildest imaginings.

Teaming with creatures ranging from the benevolent to the malevolent, this is a world where mythical beings stand guard, both in stone and flesh.

So, follow me as we go through this extraordinary realm, where today we shall focus on one of the most intriguing and mystical of the creatures—the Lamassu.

The Lamassu: Guardians and Enigmatic Beings

The Lamassu were considered benevolent and protective beings, frequently depicted as having the body of a bull or lion, the wings of an eagle, and the head of a human. This complex form was meant to symbolize their dual nature as both earthly and divine creatures.

Their mighty wings were symbols to their strength, and their ability to soar above earthly troubles. Lamassu were often placed at the entrances of important buildings, for example, palaces and temples. Their main role was to serve as guardians, warding off evil spirits and possible threats. They were seen as symbols of strength, protection, and divine benevolence. While primarily associated to protection, the Lamassu were also linked to wisdom and magic.

One of the most fascinating traits of the Lamassu is the belief that they came to life under the cloak of darkness, when the moon cast its silvery light upon the world. Cities that were adorned with statues by day, were suddenly transformed by night, when these very statues came to life, patrolling the cobblestoned pathways they guarded. It goes without saying that the Lamassu were elements of awe and intrigue. One can only wonder what secrets they protected during those silent mysterious hours. What adventures did they undertake as they roamed the city?

Young heroes and heroines…imagine living in these ancient times, and unveiling the secrets of the Lamassu. Imagine discovering their hidden, living aspects that only the fortunate few can uncover. How exciting it would be to form bonds with these ancient beings and embark on intriguing quests with them!  How wonderful it would be to have these protective beings as guardians watching over you in the darkest of hours!

As we draw the veil on our exploration of the living Lamassu, dear adventurers, I encourage you to follow the Sands of Time series, as it unfolds book by book. Together we’ll journey to unchartered realms, where the past and future entwine, and where the sands of time hold secrets that only you can unlock

Until next time, may your dreams be filled with enchanted guardians and tales yet to be told…

Happy reading, fellow fantasy adventurers…


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