I would like to share with you this most positive review I received from Reach Publishers, SA, for The Pearl of Immortality. Together with the numerous favorable reviews that I obtained for The Pearl, it certainly helped to boost my morale.

I was immediately drawn into this mystical and fantastic story of strange worlds and ancient powers, dragon riders and countless magical creatures to unleash my imagination and rivet my attention. I was truly hooked from the onset, buying into the characters and vividly being able to see them in my mind’s eye.

The author has a wonderful, easy-going and flowing style of writing that makes use of descriptive language with such ease that it makes ‘picturing the scene’ quite effortless. Often I find that fiction authors lack the ability to build up characters successfully through physical descriptions or emotional state but this author has done so masterfully. People and places have been aptly and comprehensively described to help readers form an idea of every facet of the story – crucial for fiction works.

Of course apart from being attention-grabbing and maintaining interest, I was overjoyed to find that the work was so well written…

I can see this work appealing to a wide range of readers (not just the young set) and think the author has a wonderfully wild and interesting imagination, which coupled with a solid storyline, that this work certainly appears to have, is sure to produce a good read.

Indeed the author has masterfully woven a web of intriguing fantasy fiction that is sure to titillate the senses of many readers.


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