The Pearl of Immortality follows the story of Xerxes, a fifteen-year-old orphan originally from 18th century Persia, who gets magically teleported to the fictional planet, Ishtar in the Alpha Centauri star system.

In a world so different from Earth, a world dominated by the Light and Dark forces of magic, Xerxes learns of his new identity as a Dragon Rider and gets catapulted into a succession of perilous magical ventures.

The Pearl of Immortality is Book One of The Sands of Time series, a work for young adults and forms part of an anticipated seven-book series. It is currently a work in progress as I am querying publishers.

The book portrays a diverse cast of interesting characters, of various fictional races, including but not limited to the Nemurs (Jaguar People), the Nagas (Snake People), the Elves of Loorea and a dwarf-like race known as the Bazilians. A variety of themes feature here as well.

Whilst Book One focuses on regaining a rare artifact, known as The Pearl of Immortality, the overall quest of the series is to seek the Seven Sands of Time. The Sands that are part of a magical structure that permits the free flow of Time.

My manuscript has already received spontaneous positive reviews and I can’t wait to share my story with the rest of the world…

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